Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And THIS would be why I haven't posted on my blog in one week!!!!


This is a picture of Colleen (Professor Trelawney) and Bret...

This is Emma as Tonks...I don't know what she's doing to her face, but that's my Emma!!!!

Here is Madeline as Madame Maxine. She is standing with Grant, a Ravenclaw student!

And finally we have Hannah as Bellatrix, Ryan as Lupin, and Liz as Luna. Liz/Luna even had radishes for earrings!

Needless to say, I spent all of last week getting ready for the big party! We made decorated wands that were bought at Ollivander's (hee hee)....and played a "Guess Who I Am?" game. We also ate Potter-inspired food (Pumpkin Patsies, Cauldron Cakes, and Mouse cookies to name a few!). It was tons of fun!!! At 10PM we went to Borders to join in the festivities there. It was a blast! Colleen entered the costume contest and according to us and everyone around us, she should have won. We got our book around 1AM and the rest, as they say, is history!
I spent the weekend trying to recover from the party! And then I have been at a special education conference for the last two days...But now I AM FREE!!!! I am creating this evening and doing little else - finally!

Now, on to the good stuff!!! BUT, before I upload some of my creations, I would like to upload a few creations that are from the Dauber Divas...The first one is created by Babette. She really pays attention to detail...

The next one is from Jacki...I really like this size of card...I need to make more of them!!!

And a final example of some of our new stamps comes from Melissa. I love the colors and I adore the stamp!! I love animal stamps.....

Well, I am off to make some of my own creations! I apologize for being gone so long, but I have been busy...Check back soon to see some new stuff!!

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Creative Maniac's Site! said...

Thanks for the card shout out. I totally cased that one from the back of the SS (July) I am going through Dauber Diva withdrawl!!

I hope they are having fun, I am so in SLC next year for Convention 08!!