Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hello, again! I have been very busy since my last post....My oldest daughter returned to college and the very next day, my baby turned 16! (The same day the oldest turned 21!!! How crazy is that??) We spent the birthday in Chicago...we saw a movie (Becoming Jane; kind of slow in spots but interesting, nonetheless) and had a picnic dinner with Madeline in her dorm. It was so hot I couldn't bear the thought of eating in the park, as we had planned! It was a wonderful evening and we had a blast.

The next day I returned to school. We had meetings until 3:25 and it was a crazy, busy day. At a little after 3PM, someone came on the P.A. system and said that there was a tornado headed for us and to take cover. Well...Emma was at home (and Biscuit, too!). I knew that I had to get home! I asked the janitor if he thought I could make it and he told me I was nutz! He thought I should take cover. I didn't. I made it home. The whole way on the radio they were saying "Abandon your vehicles! Leave your mobile homes! Take cover NOW!" But I kept driving...I made it home in one piece but the power was out. At first it was fun. We gathered candles and watched the storm. Poor Bailey was terrified!!! It was an adventure. But about four hours into it, it started to get difficult. The hot water was running out...what about bathing? I couldn't do laundry...we couldn't read - Emma had the only flashlight! Well, it calmed down a bit and I went to Target and bought another flashlight. Then, it was fun again! I could read and futz around the house. After much thought, we devised a way to shower...that worked out okay. Then we went to bed early (10PM....after the summer hours we kept, 10PM is EARLY!!!). After midnight, our power came back. Everything switched on and all was well with our household...except the basement! We got about 3 - 4 inches of water in the basement!!! I forgot that while Em and I were having an adventure, the sump-pump (?) quit working! Luckily nothing was ruined but it sure is messy down there.

The next day was Emma's first day at school. She began her Sophomore year without any difficulties. I, on the other hand, had problems from the minute I entered my school building! We only had partial power. We stayed until 1:30 in meetings - where there was partial power - and then were dismissed. It was a difficult day. I went into my classroom....and couldn't really see anything. It was too much. I headed home in the hopes that power would be restored and I could work on my classroom on Saturday. Well, I went in and worked for a few hours. All the power was back and all was well. I returned today with NO LUCK! My swipe key will NOT work!!! I am slightly panicked as I must begin teaching tomorrow (Monday) and my room is not ready and I left all of my teaching stuff in my classroom! YIKES! I hope I can wing it, just fine!!! Now, on to some great stuff!!

We had our Dauber Diva meeting last Monday and it was inspiring! Here are two cards from some of the Divas. The first one is made with the True Friends set and the Apple Cider Designer Paper, too! Isn't it beautiful? It was made by Tami and her work is outstanding! I feel a CASE coming on!!!!

This cute holiday set was made by my friend Julie! She used the Merry and Bright set and the Season of Joy set...along with Old Olive, Whisper White, and Designer Series Paper - Rose Red. Isn't it cute? These large paper clips are the hottest thing right now...they make great bookmarks and are wonderful to slip in someone's lunch or pocket...just a little something! They would also be good for a new teacher gift! How cute is that???

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this post! I will be back later in the week with some things that I have been working on! I can't wait to share! Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow...when I welcome my new class. - amidst the mess!

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