Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have been MIA for far too long!!! All of our girls were home from school and my DH had some time off from work...we headed north to the woods. I took some stamping and books to read....but did neither! We went to the beach and hung out there...we went shopping in Holland....and just hung out at "the place"! It was wonderful! We got home late last night and spent today getting organized and trying to get the girls ready to go back to school. On Monday we take Madeline back and on Tuesday we take Genevieve back...we are going to be busy!

Now, I may not have a card to show you, but I do have a contest that ends tomorrow! Somebody is giving away a free TV...and a high-tech one at that! Check it out here! It is being sponsored by BEST BUY and you can check out the details at their website! Wouldn't it be wonderful to win one of these great TVs???? Good luck to all of us!

Check back in a few days and hopefully I will have something fun to post! It is the girls' birthdays next week, too! (Gen and Em share a day!!) I need to make cards for them! You only turn 21 and 16 one time!!!

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