Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Overdue

Hello! I have so much to share with everyone! Where do I begin? I never got a chance to show you some of the CKU projects that we made! Here is the frame we made with Tim Holtz:

As you can see, I had him sign the front of it in white ink! Too cool. The three big squares are going to hold photos. I have one of my favorite dog (that would be Biscuit...aka: Bailey), one of my three girls in a canoe, and one of John and I. It is going to be too cute!!

The first day we were there we created a complete (one layout short - which we did at the evening crop!) 6X6 album FULL of techniques and new product. Here are Ali Edward's pages:

She took basic office supplies and had us create these two wonderful pages. It was an inspiring layout....quite possibly my favorite!

Next is Tim Holtz's layout! I am an original Tim-Groupie and I have to say his pages did not disappoint: I absolutely love the clock stamp and wish that it had been available for purchase. Finding it now is difficult, to say the least. Isn't this a wonderful layout? You can't tell real well but the transparencies on the sides of the pages are adhered with aqua paint. The pages go together well.

Next came Kaiser Company. They are based in Australia and we created these sparkly pages:

You can't really see the glitter but it is really something! Of course, these pages just sparkle and I love showing them to everyone!! Their papers are really a great quality. I would like to work with more of them.

And finally, we have a layout from Making Memories:

This layout uses the large grommets (I am a fan) and the line called NOTEWORTHY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of papers and product. I think it's the teacher in me - that love of school supplies, etc. It is really pretty and I purchased a Noteworthy kit at the CKU Bookstore. I can't wait to use it!
I have lots more to share - Ali's project and a 6X12 book we made from Luxe Designs...awesome! Be sure to check back soon! I will try and post more later!!! I am going to have fun on my last day of spring break! Until then....


cutie_pie1023 said...

hi aunei thersa!
so how do i change my background and how do i add you as a favorites? if you could explain that that would be great! can't wait to see you!


Jacki McHale said...

I was just in a local scrapbook store, and there was a lady showing off some of those same 2 page layouts, she was there too!

I have been reading alot and keep coming across Tim Holtz name. I am fairly new to the scrapbooking scene!

Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing!