Sunday, September 9, 2007

How Time Flies!

I have been gone a long time!! Getting my class up and running as well as helping with the BBQ dinner at the high school is more than I can take for the start of the year! Well, yesterday was a real day of surprises! I met Christine at a Stamp and Scrapbook Expo....we had so much fun!!! Here are the make and takes we made : We only did the free ones!!!!

The "Thanks a Latte!" was done at the booth of the Chicago store "Stamp on In" . I was happy to see this set in person because I have seen it all over the place...but have not seen it in person! The second card (Thinking of You) was done at a store from Michigan that was showcasing corner punches. That was fun. You can't tell but the trees are colored with the glittering chalk and then I put diamond dust (real glass glitter) on the trees also. You know me...there is never enough sparkle! The third card was done at the Archiver's booth. I think I did this one at the CK convention in St. Louis in April.

It was fun! There were tons of favorite one was the one from Gary Bullen (I don't know how to spell his name...he is a distributor!). Anyway, Damien was demonstrating these:

You can't tell from my lousy scan but these are the new COPIC markers. His demonstration was so awesome, I had to have a few. They were $4 each, so they are not cheap. However, the versatility and the wonderful ability they have to color is phenomenal! He also created these with the refills...

You cannot tell from my scan/picture how wonderful these are. I have seen something similar done with Tim Holtz's alcohol inks. But the fact that you have this ability with the markers' reinkers just thrills me! I am ga-ga for these things. I bought the colors that I use a lot - red (of course), green, orange purple, pink, yellow, and blue. Afterward, I had wished I had gotten brown. That would have allowed me Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coverage (no pun intended!). The good news is, the store in Chicago (on Clark) called "Stamp On In" carries these markers. Although he doesn't sell them individually, he will special order them for us one at time. SO, I can go in and order my brown...and whatever else I think I need too! YAY!

The Expo was fun. Christine and I were there until almost 3PM. We surveyed the surroundings and bought what we can't get from our favorite - SU...We sure wish SU was on the acrylic (or unmounted) bandwagon. Although, we understand, support and respect their decision to stay with mounted until they can find an alternative that continues to supply us with their wonderful, crisp images. Enough said on that.

The ride home was exciting for me! I ran out of gas on highway 294! I couldn't believe it!!! My DH had to leave work and bring me both $ and one gallon of gas to get me to a gas station...Oh what a day I had! Lesson to be learned: Never leave home without gas in the car and/or HIDDEN money in the pocket!!!

Be sure to "tune in" later. I have some cards to post. Friday I had open stamp at my house. It was fun to see the ladies! I managed to make a few 3X3 cards and they are TOO cute!! I will post them later! Thanks for looking!


Genevieve said...

Those markers are fabulous.

I know it's not SU, but have you seen the markers from Bic? I'm not sure if they are archival safe or not, but they are really cool. I almost bought some at Office Max the other day.

And hey--if you can survive being stranded on the highway, you can survive the silly BBQ. :)

Anonymous said...

Look at that cutesy little dog!!

Emma said...

You make such pretty cards. We need a better camera to show them off! Maybe for your birthday?!!