Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hope You Like It

WOW! Two posts in one day! Fantastic! Here are the little 3X3 note cards that I made on Friday at my open swap. I was trying to use two new sets that I hadn't used yet...These little cards gave me lots of ideas for big cards...keep watching! You just never know when they will "pop up"!

I am especially fond of the stuck on you card with the ribbon! I think it is very 'fallish' and it is something I would tuck into a lunch box or a jacket pocket!

I hope you like them! Come back soon!!


Dorothy N said...

Hey, Theresa! I enjoyed your blog! Stamping is foreign to me but still I enjoyed reading about the family, etc. How do you find time to do this stuff? You have the artistic talent like Marsha and Maureen. Which side of the family does this come from?

Cuzzin Dot

Cathy Djuric said...

Hey Theresa,
I truly don't know when you find time to keep up with your blog, but it is GREAT!! You are such a wonderful talent!

Stampin Buddy Cathy

Vicki C said...

You do beautiful work Theresa! Thanks for stopping by my blog .. I put you in for the drawing. I see by your topper on your blog... I bet you do like glimmer mist , if you like glitter that much! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Theresa, I really enjoyed your blog!! You are obviously not only intelligent, witty, and charming...but also extremely talented!! I think I am jealous!! When I grow up, I want to be you!! I enjoyed reading about your birthday. I am glad it was a great one. You deserve it. BTW Your picture looks great! We'll chat soon:-) Darlene