Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Old!!!!

Here is where I have been:

It was a birthday I had been dreading for one year....and guess what? It came and nothing in my life changed! WOW! I can't believe it. I still put my pants on one leg at a time...I still go to work every morning...I still come home at the end of the school day (or later). NOTHING changed.

My dear hubby (forever known as DH) and my dear daughter (little Emma) made my week very special. (The other two girls did also...but they are away at school so they made me happy by staying AT school and concentrating on their studies...and calling and e-mailing and texting me....that works!) Anyway, my DH took the week off from work so he could celebrate BIRTHDAY WEEK! And what a week it was! Everyday was something special. There were gifts everyday and cooked breakfasts and unlimited computer time and UNINTERRUPTED computer time and so on....My birthday was awesome. It started with a birthday breakfast...and and flowers and a majorly bling card. (The card was glitterized - naturally - and flocked...oh, so sweet!) The bouquet was HUGE and very beautiful (roses and lilies and everything else!) Then it was off to work. When I came home, we headed to Bass Pro for dinner. DH assured me I would enjoy it and I did! When there, DH and DD gave me beautiful hand-made they are:

This was a card from my three beautiful daughters! It is so funny and cute...and on the inside:

They have gotten me a VERA BRADLEY PURSE! They didn't order it because they wanted to be sure it was the correct color and style, etc. But this is it - only in PINK!!!!

Here is the card from my DH, with a little help from Emma:

And on the inside:

My hubby got me a CAMERA!!!! YAY! A DIGITAL CAMERA!!!! I was so surprised!! What a blast! Now I can quit scanning my cards and projects and instead take pictures!!! Now you will really be able to see the BLING!!!

The next day there was a gift certificate for the local scrapbook store...then there was a raspberry torte cake (yum). That was Friday...I had a HORRIBLE day at school and was whining and crying and wanting to throw things around the house...John decided that instead of ending the week on Saturday, I needed my FINAL gift (there's more????) right then and there...and here it is:

A ZOOM LENS for my 35mm camera! OH WOW! (I included a pic of the digital so you can see it...too cool!) I have wanted a zoom lens for my 35mm is something I have talked about. get both a digital AND a zoom? Oh my lucky stars! My hubby treated me like a million bucks! He was so generous and kind....can I say more good things about him? What a surprise! I am so excited to think about all of the great pictures I will take with BOTH of my cameras. I can honestly say that I feel like a Queen.

The birthday that I have been dreading was the most wonderful and surprising birthday ever. I am so fortunate to have such a loving family...even without all of the gifts.

OK. Now, I am off to stamp. I have some swaps to make and I am going to create ten projects before I buy another thing! I will be posting away and hope you will tune in to see what I have done. Thanks for looking!


Jacki McHale said...

Happy Birthday Theresa!! You may have been here for 50 years but you are still a kid at heart! See you tomorrow night!

Jenalyn said...

Happy belated birthday. I wish i didn't just find out. I only do my blog at work. Sounded like you had an awesome birthday week. i love the cards especially the first one, how creative. See you later.