Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hello everyone! I have been busy!!! This weekend Emma and I created her invitations to her birthday party. Now...for those of you who know us, Em turned 16 on August 22nd. However, her sisters were leaving for college during that time (on the 20th and 21st to be exact) and it was too difficult to plan a party, get ready for school, and get the other two back to college. So, we postponed her party. We are having a Halloween party!!! Here are the invitations that we created:

It's hard to tell in this picture, but all of the little pics are colored with glitter pens. They sparkle like crazy...and the Halloween garland also sparkles - because if it doesn't have bling, what's the point???? The spider on the end of the garland has a purple jewel for a body. It is too cute!!!

Can you see the cool jewel???? Emma designed the card herself. The inside has all the information regarding the party. We spent the evening yesterday making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Tune in tomorrow (maybe Tuesday) to see what I am up to...I have plans for creating and will share as soon as I am done....also, check out the RUSTY PICKLE blog. They are giving away OODLES of stuff to launch their blog! Check it out....who knows? Maybe you'll win! Thanks for looking!!


Tex said...

Ahhhhhh!! Nothing can beat the excitement of a 16th birthday party! Great invitations!


Cindy said...

Cute cards!!

Ana said...

Super cute invites!! I also had some advice on the Halloween stamps images. I also had a hard time but figured if I used an eraser on the whole image and left the eraser residue on the stamp and then inked it up it picked up the ink better. I think with these stamps you just have to use them a lot to get all the manufacturing gunk off. Also try using Brillance or Stazon ink. It really helps fully coat the image for a clean stamp. Hope that helps.