Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Adventures I've Had!!

I have been very busy...and am sorry to say, I have very few pictures to show for it...Last weekend I went to visit Genevieve. It was so much fun! I saw her play - which I didn't really care for - and we visited and had fun - in general. I went to the greatest stamp store called Creative Pals. It is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It is a wonderful shop! The woman that was working was very accommodating. The selection was awesome and I had so much fun shopping with my daughter that I could barely contain myself.

I returned from my weekend with Gen and settled in to a very stressful weekend at work. That could be another blog - completely! LOL! But, my reward at the end of this past week was to visit my daughter Madeline. Emma was away at a speech meet so I was able to visit Madeline by myself. We went out with the roomies for lunch at this marvelous Thai restaurant...the food was yummy. Then Madeline and I went and visited another store. This one is called The Paper Source. This store was something else! It is three floors of floor is better than the next. Their selection of paper and ribbon is wonderful! I could barely contain myself. I bought quite a few Christmas presents and some fun things to create...the store was as great as Madeline said it was! After that we watched the Festival of Lights parade down Michigan Avenue. It was cold but fun. We saw Corbin Bleu from "High School Musical". I guess he was the Grand-Poo-Bah of the parade. After that we shopped for Christmas presents a little more...then we headed out for dinner. We got back to her apartment at 10PM and I got home around 11PM. I was DEAD TIRED! It was a lot of fun, but walking in the city can be exhausting!

THEN...on to creating! This first card was done with glossy paper, versamark, pomegranate ink and chocolate chip ribbon and card stock. I really love this card. It is very festive looking in person. This second card was made on shimmery white paper. (You can't tell from the scan...I should have taken a picture. But I am too lazy and tired! LOL!) I used Pomegranate ink and paper. I added pink crystal bling to the flowers and the center of the medallion. I think it is a weird card, but I have to tell you that I really like it. I think it is so simple that it's cute. I hope you like it too!

This final card is a take-off of a card we made at club for one of our members. One of our members is having a baby and we made our last stamp club meeting a baby shower for her. It was so much fun! Anyway, I tweaked it a bit to make it for a teacher that I work with. She had a baby girl last week! I water colored the baby's clothes in Groovy Guava and Pomegranate. I added pink bling to the blue scallop. I wanted to add a Guava ribbon but I can't find mine right this second. (If you saw my stamp room you would understand!) Anyway, I hope she likes it.

I have created a few other things that I need to post so you can see them. However, with Thanksgiving only a few days away, I am not thinking that's going to happen. I have an action-packed week and the girls are coming home (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I will be especially busy those evenings. I will try, but don't hold your breath!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am sure I will have some Christmas things (hint-hint) to post and share with you!

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Tandra said...

Cute stuff!! I know something Christmas-y you'll have to post on your blog- CANDY from my friend Patricia!!! hee hee
Go check out Aphiemi!! Congrats!