Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanksgiving this year was one of the best! We laughed our heads off and acted silly, in general. I planned dinner for 2PM but never served it until 4PM. I don't know what my problem seems that as I get older, it becomes more difficult for me to "stay on schedule"!! But, there were TONS of appetizers (just ask anyone who was here!) and we all got a chance to visit. I think (at least I hope) it worked out all right for everyone...

After dinner we cleared the table and made two crafts! The first one was this glittery snowflake:
My snowflake was hairy and silly looking...this is a picture of Emma's and Madeline's...much nicer than mine! We then made glittery ornament balls. That was messy, but fun! Unfortunately I can't get a good picture to show you those.

On Friday morning, Gen and I headed out for some deals! We didn't get any...ha ha! We tried, but it seems that we were always just missing what we went for. We did manage to spend a big chunk of change, so I am quite close to being done with my Christmas shopping this year. (YAY! More time to enjoy the season!!) On Friday after shopping and Saturday after the movies (we saw "Dan in Real Life" and I loved it!) I made some Christmas cards.

We have become real Martha Stewart fans since she has added such a great craft line at Michael's. Armed with my 50% off coupon, I was able to purchase 16 cards with envelopes and glitter to make these:

and these:

Although they are very sparkly, we decided we preferred the simple stamped ones that I made after I made the Martha ones. Here is a sample of them:

There is no glitter on my JOY card, but it is really pretty IRL. I hope that all of the recipients of any of the cards like them! They were fun to make...Oh, by the way, the Martha glitter (in case you wondered) is awesome! It goes a long way and it gives great coverage! I won't hesitate to purchase it again and again.
Well, the two older girls got back to college and Em and I went back to school today. John is back to work tomorrow and now the candy-cane-countdown begins for Christmas break. (Only 19 more days of school left for Em and I!!!!) I have lots more to post (regarding Thanksgiving and some holiday creations...) so be sure to tune in soon! I hope your turkey days were wonderful!

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