Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time is Flying!!

Hello! It has been a long while, hasn't it? Here's what I have been up to:
This is the Field Museum of Natural History. This past Sunday, January 20th, was the coldest day yet (this winter anyway) in the Midwest. We thought we would dress warmly and head to Chicago to the museum...after all, who else would be there in this terrible cold???? WRONG! It was very crowded! We got there around 2PM and stayed until closing. We went to see this exhibit:

It was an interesting exhibit, that's for sure. They had maps from 300 AD! They had a map from Lewis and Clark...they had all kinds of maps. Some were as big as a dining room table....or a wall...they were really something else. We enjoyed the exhibit and would urge you to go. Even if you don't enjoy history or you find it boring...I think you would still enjoy these maps. There are all kinds of maps - some by Lincoln and was really something.
This is a picture of Emma and John outside the museum. Silly Emma - she wouldn't trade beauty for warmth - no hat!!! It was really cold. On the way home Em borrowed John's hat and admitted she should have had one of her own!

Here's a pic of Em and I posing by a wall of hieroglyphics. I find Egyptian history very my first stop is ALWAYS to the Egyptian archives! This wall was really colorful...can you tell we were posing like the hieroglyphics? LOL!

We came home to a nice crock-pot dinner and then we finished taking down the we watched the Packers lose, of course. (Not a cheese-head so I didn't mind!)
Monday was spent with Connie and stamping. Here's what we made:
This is a coaster-calendar. If anyone out there in cyberland wants to make one, contact me and we will get a class going. I am going to offer a class at the end of this month...however, there hasn't been any interest so far! Each month is different and is very cute. I am going to leave mine on my computer desk so I can always have the date close at hand.
Well, I have to write a quiz for English tomorrow. If I am lucky, I will get some stamping and scrapping in there, too. I am making a heart book for my DH for Valentine's day. It is really pretty so far and I will post pictures when I am done! Thanks for looking!

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Savpr the Journey said...

What a wonderful quick trip! I can just imagine how special it was to see such a display of the maps from so many ages!

I had to giggle over the hat!