Monday, March 17, 2008


This was TOO fun!!!! I have so much to share with you! First of all, let me tell you that it was fabulous beyond compare. It was three days of non-stop crafting! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! And to think that I was able to meet two of my creative heroes - Ali Edwards and Tim Holtz. Here are photos with me at the Wednesday Meet-N-Greet:

Don't I look like a NUT in these pictures???? Let me say that both Tim Holtz and Ali Edwards were wonderful! They were kind and patient....they would probably have bought me dinner if I had asked!!! LOL! They were great! Ali signed my book and Tim signed my project that we completed on Saturday. Oh was great!

The Meet-N-Greet was pretty low key. There weren't a TON of people but there were enough that kept everyone busy. All of the vendors and the artists/designers were there. They had tables set up with their projects. Here is a sample of Tim's stuff:

This sand on his layout is made with Ultra Thick Embossing Powder and pearl-ex and all kinds of things...he is going to make this a tutorial on his blog in May. This picture doesn't do it justice!

I didn't take pictures of Ali's things. I guess because all of her stuff is on her blog! Here is a link to Ali's blog. Check her out - you won't regret it. She is the most thoughtful artist I have ever known. She is always thinking!

Wednesday was only the beginning! I was up at 6:30 AM the next morning (too excited to sleep) and got my day started with mini-technique-classes. We created a 6X6 mini album that we can put all of our pictures from CKU into. I haven't taken photos of that yet but I will! You will want to see that for sure!

Well, Genevieve is due home from school any minute. I have to get ready for her homecoming! I will post more stuff later - either tonight or tomorrow...for sure. I have so much to share!!!

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Theresa...You were missed at the Diva meeting, but you have a wonderful excuse! Enjoy the visit! I can't wait to hear more about your adventurs - Jules

Anonymous said...

You look so cute with Tim and Ali!

I'm so jealous! :)