Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More CKU!

Here's a picture of Margie (in the background is a picture of her 21-year-old daughter!). Margie works for Making Memories. She is demonstrating their new die-cut machine called THE SLICE! Let me tell you....I WANT ONE OF THESE! It can run for one hour without being plugged in...it cuts images up to 4"....it will retail for $149 and the discs (yes, it runs on discs!) cost approximately $39 each. It is really something. Margie gave away 8 of these babies! No, I did not win one. I wanted to, but she just didn't call my name....boo hoo.

This is a picture of me with Stacy Croninger at the Meet-N-Greet on Wednesday. She is the editor of Papercrafts magazine. She is one of the nicest women. She walked us through two card sets at the first crop on Thursday. The cards are adorable and she did a great job. I missed meeting her basset hounds!!! LOL!
This is a picture of MICHELLE from Kaiser crafts. Her projects were spark-a-licious. She and a partner run a kit business, too. You can find their stuff at this scrapbook store. She is part of the scraptique kits of the month. I have to say that their kits/products were beautiful. There was lots of bling (no wonder why I liked it!) and lots of innovative ideas in their albums. I would like to see more of their things, that's for sure. Well, I have to hit the hay. I will continue to post until you have seen every aspect of CKU that I have photos of...it was a great weekend and I hope I can go again. Check back soon!

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